Navy Diving Presentation, Part 1


  What It’s Like This is a promo made by the Navy to promote Navy Diving. While it’s not always like this, when it is, it really is… Photo Presentation Some diving photos Leaving Surface When it’s time to go to work, Navy divers dip beneath the waves… Swimming to Work Sometimes you see some […]

Changing How Readers and Writers Connect

Solid Circle Feather1

Took some time to look at my own blog last night and realized I hadn’t made a post in a couple of months. Between new house, new job, swimming, writing, helping RunWiki, and my own little project, my poor blog has been neglected. Let me show you what I’ve been up to. To lay a […]

Why I Swim

Still in the water 20 years later!

I’ve always been comfortable in the water.   From a very young age, regardless of what I was doing, or how hairy it got, if I was near water I knew I would be OK.  I’m not sure when I started swiming, but a majority of my baby picutres seem to involve water in some […]

Systems: K’Hor

blue main sequence

                        Learn More News Feed K’Hor System K’Hor is the 3rd planet in orbit around their system’s star. It supports carbon based life at 0.98 standard g. The planet has a stable weather pattern, is largely temperate with a small equatorial band. The K’Horians […]

Music Monday: Always Where I Need to Be by The Kooks


With the Olympics in London, it’s got me thinking of British rock bands, so this week’s Music Monday is brought to you by The Kooks! The Kooks were formed in 2004, and their flavor of rock is definitely a return to the Brit Invasion years with a touch of punk thrown in for good measure. […]

Monday Music: Sing by My Chemical Romance


My Chemical Romance was formed a week after the September 11th attack when Gerard Way, a writer and Cartoon Network intern, decided he wanted to do more with his life. He formed a band with some friends, took the name from an Irvine Welsh novel, and the rest is history. The band did well, but […]

Music Monday: Apartment by Young the Giant


Heard this song on XM Radio and downloaded it right away. Great tune by a great band. Young the Giant is another great band out of California — Irvine, to be specific. They started out as a band called “The Jakes”, but in 2009 changed their name and put aside school to focus on music. […]

Clean Code is Organized Code!


A lot of people never look under the hood of their website’s code. It’s just something most people either a) never bothered to learn or b) don’t really want to fool with. However, in the world of budget woes and the proliferation of easy platforms like WordPress, more and more people are adopting a “do-it-myself” […]